PhishTrain Education

PhishTrain Immediate Response

PhishTrain's Employee Training provides your company with a variety of options for educating your employees in phishing awareness. Once you identify a susceptible employee through a simulated phishing, vishing, or SMSishing attack, educate them with one of our high-caliber landing pages, or, make your own.

Global Learning Systems Advances Training Modules

PhishTrain has partnered with Global Learning Systems to provide your company with the ultimate employee training for phishing protection. GLS provides world-class education focusing on phishing awareness. Their in-depth, award-winning training modules are tailored to match the unique interactions of your employees to phishing simulations.

  •   Overview of GLS's Anti-Phishing Essential Training.
  •   7 minutes of Phishing Best Practice scenario-based learning.
  •   25 minutes of interactive phishing awareness training.
  •   All of this from a Gartner Magic Quadrant eLearning company with over 25 years of experience.
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